Perfect Clarity

Eddrick gains a rank in Rapt when he discovers this usage of Rapt.

Instead of slowing or quickening time to a degree, this allows you to take a small moment in time and understand it from all possible angles. In Session 7 Eddrick used Rapt to do a similar action while doing his first sacrifice. Now he can use this to it’s full extent.

You will see the small time span from your eyes, objective eyes, and the eyes of every creature nearby that is witnessing the event. You don’t get their thoughts, you get an appropriate interpretation that you will understand. This allows you to have total clarity of the event without your own assumptions getting in the way.

This is written and discussed much like many of the other abilities. He explains that this usage of Rapt seemed obvious to him after using Rapt many times. Rapt can give you utter focus if you slow down that last bit of time. However, you see nothing else because you are focusing all your attention on changing the event toward your desire. It seemed a natural next step to try and use that utter focus not to change what is happening, but instead to dive deeply into understanding what is happening. It’s more difficult with strong willed individuals around you, but trust is more important than will. A weak willed person that completely distrusts you is impossible to use in this manner. Also, he noticed that their very presence seems to make this version of Rapt hard to use. The other version of Rapt is a forced change, so it has no bearing on whom you are doing it to or whoever is around at the time.

Perfect Clarity

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