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This is a solo game with just me and my husband. It’s a good way for me to get back into DM’ing. Because it’s a solo game, we’re going to be doing way more RP than anything. Decided to tape it too, we’ll just have to see how it comes out.

It’s part core book world and part personal world. With only one PC, he’s going to be a bit on the NUTS side of power. But then again, with a mostly rp game, it’s going to be more mental benefits. It’s easier to balance more mental power than more physical power. For me at least. Going to try to keep up with it because I probably will use this site to chronicle my next chronicle :)

A few rules changes that are necessary to understand some things better. There are NO prepared spells, period. The sorcerer class as written is not as powerful as wizard, so I made a good hybrid of the two and that’s the only option. The spells known for sorcerer and bard are both changed based on permanant Int modifier. Also, wizard class skills and free metamagics are still used (for sorcerer). Plus, the metamagic feats are a bit different (full round for sorcerer/bard made them stupid). There was nothing I hated more than having to look at people’s spell lists on a constant basis.

So, this might help explain why Eddrick can use any cleric spell without preperation. Other wierd stuff is likely stuff given by me due to story content.

I intend for this game to be epic. It’s just the way I am, sort of a natural drift towards that content. I’m planning to speed things up a bit as well. I don’t want this to take forever since it’s meant more as a way to get me moving again. Well, that and we’ve been tossing this idea around for years.

Normally, I would take at least a year on this kind of game. However, I can only handle two games at once. Plus, only one of the two games can be serious, which this one fits. So, while running this, it would be impossible to start another serious one. But, we shall see what happens.

My comments for this game:
“If you right a great wrong by killing millions, are you really evil?"

Home Page

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