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Places of interest in the world:


Here’s some links for organizations and other things that don’t fit anywhere else:

East Winds Trading Company – local representatives Ruean Rumrun and Mort Phrenius
The Order of the Lion – local representative Eldric Axe
Thieves Guild – run by ?

Using the standard 3.5 core player’s handbook pantheon, here are some important religious structures in Greenville:

Saint Cuthberts Training Academy in Greenville run by ?
Church of Pelor in Greenville – Head priest is Johnnathan Lobst

All important buildings in Greenville; shops and the like:

Respite from Rain Inn run by Horace & Lisa Hopjoy
Purple Lily Pad Bathhouse and Tavern run by ?
Farmers Market run by Andy Fren
Crematorium run by the Town, but Johnnathan Lobst handles the details
The Exchange run by Frannie Coapt
Pelors Love run by Johnnatan Lobst, Priest of Pelor
Packing and Fixing run by Lex Stravus
Beautiful Greenery run by Trent Riznt
The Food Trade run by Andy Fren
From Stitching to Finery run by Arthur and Elisa Vert
Stables run by Russell Williks
Saint Cuthberts Academy Office run by Magistrate Aieleen
Wagons, Leather, and Wood

Eddrick owns some progressive items, and the books are pretty important. So I think I’ll leave any abilities of the books in the items section, but write anything specific here.

Blank Book
Planar Manual

Main Page

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