East Winds Trading Company

A trade and acquisition company that mostly operates in the east winds weather system. Small offices can be found in most river stops in that area. The company is run by a panel rather than one individual. The chief officer is rotated around the group using some sort of obscure rules. Their main branch office is never the same for long since it is always the primary branch of the chief officer; and that can change up to 4 or 5 times a year.

It is rumored that the company has no qualms about dealing in illicit goods, slaves, drugs, and the like. However, there has never been any proof to said rumors. The company itself states that they are in business to make money, and dealing in the illegal trades would ultimately lose money. This idea is based on the fact that because they are so large, it would be impossible to completely obfuscate illicit dealings.

Each office has a manager and usually several aides to help with orders. However, how each office is run is more up to the panel member that owns it; as long as they stay within the core rules of the group. In addition to offices, almost all the branches have a lot of warehouse space. Most of the space is used by them, in order to have the goods on hand; which greatly expedites shipping and overall lowers its cost. If a branch has room, or if it’s profitable in that area, they will rent out their storage space. Since they already hire people to guard the spaces, they can offer decently priced storage with full time guards.

In Greenville, the office is run by Ruean Rumrun. Because the warehouse and storage is so full in Greenville, the owner has created a more unusual system. Ruean handles all deals made in town. He also goes with the ships to collect goods; because he is an excellent trader with a vast knowledge about exotic wares. He catches quite a few exotic goods for a low, low price; hence why his employer wants him out and about more often. When he is in Greenville, he is always at the office. The office is actually about 10% office and 90% warehouse. The room in the back that used to be a more private office is now his bedroom; hence why he is always at the office, technically. Ruean expects perfection from employees, which is why he never could manage to keep one. The owner gave up on that idea and decided to just split the business in town; that way there was always someone there to manage certain affairs.

Someone has to be in town in order to keep the mercenaries in line and to rent out storage, if needed. So, the owner hired in order to keep that side of the business running while Ruean is out of town. The idea worked pretty well since the business makes a very good profit from its dealings in Greenville.

East Winds Trading Company

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