Tag: Levistus


  • Brand of Levistus

    As a true cleric of Levistus, you must not just have a holy symbol, but you must also have his personal mark (which can only be bestowed by him). 'True' clerics are those capable of becoming high priests and starting their own sects. A true cleric can …

  • Center Gem

    These are the colors that Eddrick has seen so far or thinks he can easily associate with planes: - Normal Red blood = Material Plane - Green blood = Plane of Faerie (Blood means it's not like a solid essence, more like actual blood, so not …

  • Zanth

    Zanth is a Half-Fiend (it's always terribly obvious). What the other half is, well that's not so obvious. Zanth is about 8 feet tall, but it's impossible to be sure of that and weight since the huge bat wings makes it difficult to be sure. He is …

  • Erridon Alaka

    Erridon Alaka is a huge Gelugon devil (common name is Ice Devil). He is about 24 feet tall and approximately 22,000 pounds. He is an imposing thing to behold.