Trinity's Tear

A part of Trinity crystalized


Shaped like a large crystal tear, this stone can be used to let Trinity know you wish to contact her. Also, since it is a part of her, she can always find it. When she wants Eddrick to know she is there, she causes the tear to burn slightly.


Trinity says that when she ascended to the form she is in now, the old form was destroyed as the new one emerged. The process was painful and she cried one single tear. Levistus was what allowed her second ascension, and so she was burned in a cold flame to tear away that which was old and useless. The tear was frozen immediately in the cold, and along with it was some of the old dying her and some of the new living her. It is therefore more a part of her than magical. It does not even show up as a magical item. The crystal is unusual looking, so anyone with any skill in appraisal would notice it’s unique nature.

Trinity's Tear

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