Planar Manual

An evolving guide to the Cosmos


This book is now considered a Major Artifact. Like many Artifact level items, it recognizes one creature as its ‘owner’. If removed from its owner for a sufficiently long period, it will choose a new owner. Getting ANY of these abilities requires you to be the owner of the book. Other people can read the book, but only at the owner’s discretion.

Base power for book owner:
+4 circumstance bonus to Knowledge (Strategy) (Only involving planar creatures)
Allows training of Knowledge (Planes).

Now with more filled out, Eddrick discoveres the book can do the following:

Activation (Skill Bonus) – General Understanding – Study 8 continuous hours to get +4 circumstance bonus on Knowledge (The Planes) checks, and a +6 circumstance bonus on Bluff, Sense Motive, Survival, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Diplomacy checks made against applicable plane. To retain, you must spend 1 hour refreshing once a week. Otherwise end up spending 8 hours again. Works on any plane mostly filled out in the book; how much bonus is listed under the specific plane.

Activation (Lesser Power) – Specific Denizens – Study a specific planar chapter for 1 full round and gain a +4 bonus on saves made against effects generated by denizens of that plane. In addition, the caster level for all his spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities increases by 4 when used against denizens of that plane. These last for 1 hour and can be renewed (as a full round action) as often as necessary. However, you have either have the book in your possession or be ‘linked’ to it by using one of its major powers. Can only be used on one plane at a time. Only well defined planar chapters can use this power. They will be designated with a *.

Activation (Major Power) – Target Acquired – Can only be used once every 14 days. The user of this ability can use Plane Shift (like the spell, but does not function as a spell); with certain conditions. Plane shift can only be used on planes completely filled out and have detailed descriptions of the location where the user intends to open the shift. When opening the shift, the user designates a time period (up to 13 days) they intend to stay inside the plane. At the end of the period, the user is returned to their previous location. No effect known can stop the return; however, using the ability requires you to be in a location that allows planar travel and the destination must allow planar travel. You cannot leave the plane before the time period expires. If something forces you to leave the plane (and succeeds in doing so), the ability completes itself and you return to the point of origin. This works as the spell in that up to 7 willing creatures holding hands in a circle can go with you. Everyone is subject to the same time period you set before leaving; as well as subject to the rules for leaving the plane. If anyone in the group has physically been to the location, you arrive without incident in the exact place desired. Using this ability with just the book’s description can be a bit more risky; usually you will end up within a few miles of the intended destination. If you try to use this ability for a location that is not well defined, then the ability fizzles and cannot be used again for 14 days. There is no mention of what happens if you die during the time period; but likely the entire activation will cease to exist. Using this major power constitutes being ‘linked’ to the book; so, even though the book remains in your original location, you can still use its other powers.

*Special exception for Eddrick – This ability also works for anyone you have placed any type of Marker ability upon. You can Plane Shift to their exact location (as long as it allows planar travel) for the time you specify. Unlike the normal usage, if the marked creature consents, you can convey the time period to them with a touch as a standard action. When the time period ends, they will be teleported back with you to the location you began the power. As stated above, there is no known way to prevent the return part of the ability and all other restrictions still apply.

- You can use lesser powers as much as you want; however, the book only has 5 lesser power uses a day at the moment. So it is limited by the book’s overall power.

So far, these are the planes filled out to any extent:
Elemental Plane of Earth*
Concordant Domain of the Outlands* (NOT Sigil or Union)
The Nine Hells of Baator*
The Plane of Faerie*
Plane of Shadow (half bonus)
Temporal Energy Plane* (full bonus, but lesser activation doesn’t work since the plane has no denizens)
The Infinite Layers of the Abyss (half bonus in general, full bonus for certain layers)
Windswept Depths of Pandemonium*
Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia (1/3 bonus)
Elemental Plane of Fire*
Material Plane (no bonus, but surprising to see it there at all)
Astral Plane (vague mentioning)
Positive Energy Plane (1/2 bonus)
Negative Energy Plane (1/2 bonus)
Ever-Changing Chaos of Limbo (1/3 bonus)
Bleak Eternity of Gehenna*
Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus (1/3 bonus)


Found in Fout Hearthsield’s extremely well hidden cache.

I like my husband’s description: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Planes (minus towel)

A brownish leather-bound journal with no outside indications on it’s use or purpose. The leather does not appear to from a cow; or at least not one that is from the material plane. It has an inside lining of leather as well. The inside lining is a silvery-white color and is definitely from some magical beast. The latent magic is visible when the book is examined on the inside only. The purpose of the two leathers seems to be a way to bind the information and prevent alerting powerful denizens of the plane from noticing you. The book does not grow in size no matter how much information is being opened up. As more sections open up, the book seems to respond on its own accord. As Eddrick leafs through it, it now tends to jump open to sections he has yet to read.

This is a progressive item and is filled out more by contact with the gem and contact with differing types of essence. The book jumps ahead of what Eddrick learns about the planes. Therefore, it is not just a diary of information Eddrick already has concerning the planes. It’s more like opening up sections of already created text. Therefore, when things do open up, they have at least some knowledge Eddrick did not yet know. A good example is the division of The Plane of Faerie; which is discussed under that heading in the wiki for the book.

The book now has a short introduction explaining the difference between this book ‘The Planar Manual’ and the thousands of copies created using similar information. The gist of it is that this book intentionally teaches you new things as your understanding increases, it has power upon the planes as well as information, and it is always up to date.

Planar Manual

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