Brand of Levistus

Brand of Levistus on Body


Confers the feat – Brand of the Nine Hells
This together with Levistus Holy Symbol create a divine bond between Eddrick and Levistus. It also enables him to take certain feats/spells/etc. that require being a fiend or devil.


As a true cleric of Levistus, you must not just have a holy symbol, but you must also have his personal mark (which can only be bestowed by him). ‘True’ clerics are those capable of becoming high priests and starting their own sects. A true cleric can create a mark on an initiate. However, the bond goes through the true cleric and then to Levistus. This is a safety precaution and a way to get an influx of initiates without arousing suspicion. The true cleric is enhanced by being the buffer. Any initiate worthy of becoming a true cleric must go to Levistus and have the real mark placed.

Eddrick opted to have his mark placed on the roof of his mouth. Sects of this type are known for using the same place so that impostors would be obvious. However, the sect itself usually uses a different location than the true cleric, just in case.

Brand of Levistus

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