Blank Book


So far has explained several unique abilities to Eddrick. Also, pages written by someone(s) else have show up as well as pages from Eddrick’s life. Detailed descriptions in the book’s wiki.


Leather-bound, thick covers, grey color book. The book is about the size of a travel journal. Found in niche that father told him about before his death. Book was 100% blank when picked up by Eddrick.

Has started to fill in as things progress. Also, the book is now larger, the covers are a thicker leather that is more dark gray, and there is an ornate gold plate on the front that is blank.

The gold plate is somewhat embossed now, and it has enough space for a several words. As of yet, the only word that has shown up on the front is ‘Time’. It is written in the language of magic, which is considered the first universal language used in the cosmos. The only word so far is last word, and based on spacing, there should be at least 3 more words in the title. The covers feel like a unique type of leather. They are a dark grey and the book is now obviously not bound in a normal way. It resembles the magically created book of Vile Darkness by how the flesh is merged into the pages. Upon deeper inspection of the pages, large numbers of pages seem to fit in one ‘page’ that is melded into the book. It’s like each page is a book unto itself.

Blank Book

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