Center Gem

The sentient Gem in the altar


So far this is a short summation of what the gem has done or says it can do:

- Drink the essence of anything
- Alter the altar itself
- Use essence to fix itself
- Hold essence for later use by itself and possibly Eddrick
- Change it’s shape
- Identify each plane as a different color of essence/energy
- Feel powerful things looking for him
- Feel powerful entities near him
- Telepathic link to Eddrick
- Can read Eddrick’s thoughts
- Probably recognize items that also used to be part of a larger thing it was once inside
- Can ‘commune’ with Eddrick so that Eddrick can see through his ‘eyes’
- Was physically broken in the Sundering, and now if fixed
- Was mentally broken by Dagon, and now is purified
- Can be used as a funnel to strip essence (as done by Karla during creation of the safehouse)
- Has some ability to fly and move of it’s own accord
- Is alive, has memories, and yet is not a complete person or a complete mind
- Extract specific essence
- Inject specific essence


These are the colors that Eddrick has seen so far or thinks he can easily associate with planes:

- Normal Red blood = Material Plane
- Green blood = Plane of Faerie
(Blood means it’s not like a solid essence, more like actual blood, so not homogenous)

- Black = The Infinite Layers of the Abyss
- Blue = Levistus
- Clear = Eddrick
- White = Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia
- Lava = Elemental Plane of Fire
- Earth = Elemental Plane of Earth
- Slate Grey = Windswept Depths of Pandemonium
- Orange = Bleak Eternity of Gehenna
- Blood Orange = Nine Hells of Baator

**Some colors are unique energy and some are generalized based on plane. Based on what it has seen so far, the gem believes that unique energy has a similar color to the home plane the unique creature comes from. The gem can immediately recognize if it is unique energy; but it takes more exposure to be certain of its source. The only unique energy that the gem is certain of is Levistus’ color. It cannot see its own energy and sees Eddrick’s as either clear or non-existent.

Center Gem

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