Praetor Vrice Al'ta'asp

Praetor at St. Cuthberts Academy in Greenville.


Vrice is Praetor of the Saint Cuthberts Training Academy in Greenville, and he is an intensely private person. No one in the Academy really knows him, besides rumor. It is easy to tell by his demeanor that he’s not a Priest, but no clues other than that one.

Only his inner circle, his three Legates, sees him at all. He uses this to great effect by observing more natural behavior. Heck, the guy doing farming chores next to you could be Vrice.

He does, however, do his job immensely well; unlike his predecessors. He spends most of his time looking at recruits/applicants/students reports. Usually he will give that person’s mentor good advice on how to proceed. He’s also very strict with the rules. This led to an increase in drop-outs and yet an increase in successful and useful members. It has gotten to a point where many priests and enforcers of Cuthbert ask to be assigned there to help make ‘real members of the faith’.

He’s a mysterious fellow, but obviously was trained to hurt people at some point. Whether with a sword, magic, or his hands, he’s trained in something; and yet seems to know good tips on everything.

Praetor Vrice Al'ta'asp

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