Teeva Hopjoy

Hopjoy's eldest daughter


Teeva Hopjoy is the eldest daughter of Horace & Lisa Hopjoy and she is 14 years old. She’s a very serious young woman and is the same complexion as her mother; blonde and blue eyed. The biggest difference is that she is taller and thinner than her mother. She works for her family and does charity work along with the family. She is also allowed to work in the infirmary if Johnnathan Lobst needs the help.

Recently, Eddrick has discovered that she is not sexually interested in men. She has been attracted to women, but doesn’t allow herself to really analyze the feeling. She knows that her parents are likely to marry her off, or at least set up a marriage, when she becomes a woman. She has therefore started to poison herself to prevent her period. She’s been doing so for 2 years now, and doesn’t think she can do it for much longer. She thirsts for knowledge and yet gets none from her parents or from Johnnathan. She does have access to the library in town because she was engaged to Russell Williks son for a time, and that’s where he was tutored. Even though her parents changed their minds on the engagement, no one told the library that she was not allowed in there anymore. This is where she learned about poison.

She also has a huge potential as a cleric, but much like her other issues, she has had to repress it. She only lets it out a tiny bit when working in the infirmary, and because of that she feels more calm and at home there then her actual home. She feels trapped by what she thinks she wants and what her parents want from her. Her parents believe that homosexuality is a terrible sin, and along that same line they believe in more strict rules for a woman’s place in society. Therefore, they wouldn’t even want her to become a celibate cleric of Pelor. So, she feels there is no way to merge her wishes with their wishes. It’s quickly becoming a point where she has to either submit to a life she will hate or be ousted from her home and cut off from her sister.

Teeva Hopjoy

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