Russell Williks

Owns stables in Greenville


Russell Williks is the richest man in Greenville. He owns Stables and Sales that are just outside of town. He also owns almost all the land to the south of the town proper. It’s great land to raise good horses. Since there is a decent amount of trade traffic from the river, he sells quite a few steeds. His political influence also got him a deal with the town where he is the only person that can board horses while their owners are in town.

Russell is about average height and weight for a human. His only real distinguishing features are his light red hair and numerous freckles. His wife, however, is a simply gorgeous woman with dark olive skin, short black hair, and wide black eyes. No one has ever seen her in public without him by her side. He has one son, Orson (12), from his previous marriage.

He owns a huge (for the area) house near the town hall and the church. He personally had his own property walled. Therefore, the only walled house in town. He has an amazing garden and a small house inside his property where his servants stay (by choice). Two families stay inside the house; the men and women take turns at doing the various manors’ chores.

Russell Williks

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