Ruean Rumrun

Halfling that runs the East Winds Trading Company Office in Greenville


Ruean is a Deep Halfling, which is a distinction most people wouldn’t recognize. Deep Halflings are somewhat shorter, have bronze skin, black hair, and black eyes. Other than skin color, the deep halflings have left the ‘deep’ hundreds of years ago. Therefore, they are exactly the same as other halflings.

Ruean runs the office of the East Winds Trading Company in Greenville. He is an excellent businessman with an eye for a bargain, so even though he runs the office in town, he is rarely in town. He lives at the office when he is in town.

All the lower income townsfolk in Greenville actually call him ‘Ruin’; which is not how it’s pronounced. Tony Myers implied that unless it would upset someone important in town that he would indeed ruin you. He is shrewd to say the least.

When he is out of the office, Mort Phrenius technically runs the East Winds Trading Company.

Ruean Rumrun

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