Lex Stravus

Owner of Packing & Fixing in Greenville


Lex runs a business called Packing and Fixing. He has made a business out of fixing and packing goods that go in and out of town. Many times, when goods go from land to a boat, or the other way around, they end up needing less/more/fixed packaging. He knows how to pack almost any type of unusual or normal item, and doesn’t charge that much in comparison to someone more professional. He’s the only person in Greenville that has any experience fixing boats. However, he’s not a professional at the job, so mostly what he can do is patch things so it can get to the next major city.

He looks the same as a lot of the townsfolk; he is pale with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is a nice fellow, unmarried and no children.

Lex Stravus

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