Lord of the Fifth


If you give it stats, they will kill it.


Levistus is the Lord of Stygia, which is the fifth level of the Nine Hells of Baator. He rules the level despite being encased in a giant glacier by Asmodeus (Lord of the Ninth level, Nessus). Eddrick’s ‘Deity’ of sorts, and where he gets his cleric abilities. Due to his devotion to Levistus, he has two feats representing his worship of an archdevil: Disciple of Darkness and Brand of the Nine Hells.

Eddrick was branded with Levistus’s symbol as proof of his loyalty and a way to consummate the deal. The symbol is of a rapier shoved into a block of ice; and, on Eddrick, it is branded on the upper soft palate of his mouth.

At this point, he wants nothing more than freedom from the glacier and revenge on Asmodeus; possibly even all the archdevils in hell.


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