The Grey Witch


Karla is a short human woman, a little under 5 ft. tall, with long black hair that stops just above her butt. She can look any way she pleases using skin abilities, but this is her real physical appearance. Her eyes are whatever color of emotion or energy she is using at that time. Much like how the gem sees energy. Her irises and whites will change color based on energy she is manipulating. Usually just her irises change color to emotion. Her skin a pale white/yellow, and she wears the two metal rods on her arms. They are a seamless part of her, but her clothing can make it difficult to notice they actually meld into her flesh instead of just circle around it.

Her clothing is another artifact. It’s an entire outfit made of soft, dark grey scarves. When not in use, they fold neatly over each other to make an outfit of her choosing. Typically, a V-neck armless top and a knee length skirt. She tends to wear a cloak most of the time. When using energy, the scarves take to life. They are an extension of this power and are used to amplify it. If she uses multiple types of energy, she gets multiple scarves flying off her body and circling her. They cannot be grabbed by anyone, expect perhaps by Eddrick using rapt. Each scarf used is an additional amplification to a point. Only so many can help at any given time. They always change color to the energy used, and the others will mimic that effect just based on the nature of the item. They respond to her so they will change color with emotion if not ‘told otherwise’. Since she RARELY is actually seen, and instead is seen just doing normal magic based on her skin, she doesn’t typically tell the metal or scarves to do or not do anything.



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