Jeremy Grove

Greenvilles Mayors Aide


Jeremy is actually quite brilliant with accounting, planning, and people management. However, he has two huge flaws that prevent him from getting a good job somewhere else. He’s a half-elf in a 95% human territory, and he’s gay; openly gay as well. Sadly for him, this makes him a huge target for predjudice. He realized long ago that Ember Light was right about this place. Be useful, but don’t be seen unless they want you to be seen. Heck, he would never have spoken a word to her if she hadn’t come to his door one night. She’s his only visitor nowadays, and he enjoys having some company. She does act like a man most of the time, but she’s still a woman (very much so), and he just can’t find her attractive.

He thinks she wanted to try to convert him, or at least see if he was serious. Obviously, he passed some sort of weird test. She said she couldn’t stand the thought of being alone and was going to help him find a friend. He agreed, but made her promise to continue to come over and be his friend. She was kind of shocked, but they both knew that people you fuck and friends aren’t the same thing. She was crying when she left, but she still comes to visit; that is, when he’s not with the ‘friend’ she found him.

Jeremy Grove

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