Horace & Lisa Hopjoy

Owners of Greenvilles Inn


The Hopjoy’s run the only inn in Greenville, the Respite from Rain Inn. Unlike most cities, the inn is not the place for drinking and carousing; likely because the Hopjoy’s are extremely religious people. Horace and Lisa are pale, blonde, and blue eyed. They live in one of the rooms in the inn with their two children; both girls (Teeva, 14, and Mary, 9). The inn specializes in well cooked meals at any hour; as well as only fine spirits. The food is cooked from scratch, to order, by Lisa and the girls. Horace makes several of his own spirits that are so good that Ruean Rumrun buys every barrel he can get away with; and not making it look like it really is fabulous.

They’re both kind-hearted, decent folk. The only time they aren’t all at the inn is when they’re at church, the shelter, or the infirmary. Horace stays behind.

Horace & Lisa Hopjoy

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