Eldric Axe

Recruiter of the Order of the Lion Office in Greenville


Eldric looks like he’s ready for combat at any second. He looks a lot like a barbarian who has learned to be civilized (sort of). He’s tall, has a full blonde beard, blond hair that’s almost the exact length of the beard, and brown eyes. He is always in his armor; a chain shirt, girdle, arms, and special looking leather boots. The guards allow him one weapon of a specific type, mainly because they already allow them to the people from Saint Cuthberts Training Academy in Greenville. The one weapon of a specific type allowed is the weapon of St. Cuthbert, a cudgel. Specifically, he brings a greatclub with him everywhere. Obviously, this is NOT his weapon of choice. He keeps his real weapon, a magical greataxe, back at the office. He usually wears it instead when in the office or his house.

He recruits people for The Order of the Lion from the office in Greenville. Eldric is a firm believer in the principles of his Order. His almost fanatical zeal for the Order is somewhat infectious; especially to young men with only being a farmhand to look forward to in the future. Even worse, most people try to marry their daughters out of the area. So, no wife, no skills, Eldric’s zeal, and all the Order has to offer; just sounds too good to turn down. This has been a worry of the town council for quite a while.

He spends time in four places, and that’s all. First is the office, to train recruits and to get more recruits. Second is the mercenary barracks, trying to convince them to join the cause. Third is the Purple Lily Pad Bathhouse and Tavern, also to try and recruit people who drink there, especially to excess. Fourth is his house, but he’s almost never there.

Eldric Axe

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