Clive Sert

Mayor of Greenville


Clive Sert is the Mayor of Greenville. He is a rather rotund, balding human male. He’s shorter than most human males, being approximately 5’4". He seems to always be in good spirits, regardless of the town’s situation. He also appears to be in decent health, despite his terrible eating habits and somewhat run-down appearance. He uses him ‘fat, jovial’ individual look in order to have people underestimate him shrewdness. It works quite often. However, the fact is he is a skilled negotiator, liar, planner, and etc.; a typical politician in a different package. His ability gained him some very lucrative contracts for the city and that’s why no one has ever contested his position as Mayor.

Clive has been married to his wife, Martha, for about as long as anyone can remember. Martha is a plump, cheery woman who can cook like a professional chief. Since her husband eats like no tomorrow, they make a great match. They only managed to have one son, many years ago. Sadly, just like the pregnancy was difficult; so was his birth. He died before he was two. The priest said she was incapable of having another since things just didn’t heal properly. Indeed, she has not conceived again.

Clive Sert

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