Arthur and Elisa Vert

Owners of From Stitching to Finery


Arthur and Elisa Vert run the tailoring business called From Stitching to Finery. They do anything from simple alterations to creation of entire outfits from the beginning materials. They specialize in taking simple garments and making them look like court finery. If it’s a special order like that, it can take a while, but results are always worth it. Their business is also their home, and they tend to be working almost all the time. Their prices are reasonable, and yet they do very good work. Their business thrives mostly on the richer people in town. Making clothing that looks better than it costs brings merchants from other cities to stop there and commission items as well.

They are somewhat of an elderly couple, though neither of them are grey or anything. Seems they both had children at a young age because they had 2 sons and a daughter who were grown before they even moved to Greenville.

Arthur and Elisa Vert

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