Andy Fren

Owner of Greenvilles Food and Farmer's Markets


Andy Fren owns one of the more lucrative businesses in town. The food market is not just food from the local area. It is also more exotic food acquired through the trade in the city. While the exchange will also deal in food; the market gets far more traffic. He also has an exclusive deal with the East Winds Trading Company. He supplies all the food for the mercenaries they hire to watch their interests. Also, he has a good deal with the Cuthbert academy; although no exclusivity.

Andy is about as non-descript as humans come; brown hair, brown eyes, tan, and looks like he worked to get where he is now. His wife is almost a carbon copy of him, even down to the fact that neither talk much. They have three young children; the youngest of which is only 3 months old. The other two are 6 and 5 respectively. They are all boys.

Somewhat recently, Andy has taken a new project to try to grow cranberries in the lot west of him. Due to the smell, as well as the smell of the old smithy, he paid more than anyone for the planting of cherry blossom trees in the general area. He didn’t seem to mind much.

Andy Fren

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