Ember Iblis

Assassin Pyromancer


Ember is a 10th level assassin and gets spells as a equal level sorcerer. She also has many tricks and spell-like abilities. Her spell-like abilities are all fire based, and the DC for fire based spells is higher. Since her blood was poisonous, she used her own blood to poison her throwing knives. The skill checks to handle poison were irrelevant anyway since she is immune to poison (she’s immune to fire as well). Therefore, those check bonuses went towards increasing her DC and increasing her ability to get the perfect strength of poison for the job.

Her unique heritage gives her several abilities and bonuses. She has accelerated development and is approximately 500 years old based on her skills; her real age is 15. How fast she develops is directly tied to her mental and physical stimulation. She also has increased pain tolerance, regeneration, natural armor, ability to see in magical darkness, and has extra bones that could have been used for spider legs. She has several drow traits as well as several efreet traits.


Ember is an immensely beautiful woman, but far from standard. She has very long red hair (real red, not orange), pitch black skin, elven ears, and her eyes are amber instead of white with bright red irises. She is the only regular performer at Purple Lily Pad Bathhouse and Tavern. She does a fire show that is never the same twice on the same night every week. Depending on that nights performance, they may end up getting more than a ‘glimpse’ of her beauty; fire does burn clothes after all.

No one knows where she lives, and it’s safer that way. She’s obviously part drow, to anyone who knows what the drow are, and that alone makes her a target for violence. She is far from helpless and does not allow anyone to guard her; they would only be in the way.

Ember is half Efreet and half ascended Drow. Her mother was a High Priestess of Lolth that had been ascended by Lolth to demonic status. Her father was a powerful Efreet from the City of Brass. He agreed to the union to make Ember, but was tricked by Lolth and part of his essence had been trapped. She was given to Lolth before she even left the womb. The mark on her right foot was ‘proof’ of the contract. Eddrick has now freed her from this contract.

As is the Drow way, many attempted to kill her. Every time, it seemed like they had succeeded, only to find out later that she was fine. Finally, one of the more ambitious priestess’s had a good idea and gave her away to a group of traveling performers. She could spit fire, eat fire, dance in fire, and more; so she joined as an act and didn’t care much about leaving. From traveling, she eventually ended up joining the Thieves guild and becoming a successful assassin.

Ember Iblis

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